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2 33%
4 67%
Voters: 6.
I read on Warmoth that it has similar tones to a Maple, but I rather find out the opinions here if the wood is good or bad.

By the way the guitar I'm looking at is an Ibanez EW20ZWE.
Zebrawood, if it were solid wood, would probably be ok. However, since it's an Ibanez, and because it's laminate... Avoid it like the plague. Ibanez acoustic guitars are known for shoddy workmanship.
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^ I agree. I played a ukulele with a zebrawood back and sides and it sounded great! Never played a guitar with one, but it would have to be solid to be worth it. Zebrawood is incredibly beautiful though!

Edit: I also agree that you should stay away from Ibanez -- you can do so much better!
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