Guys Now I am really confused and angry..

Wtf is going on.. This is already the 6th time.. Well I tabbed two songs about a while ago and they were rejected.. I think there was just loads of the same songs…
But than I've tabbed out another song.. With lyrics chords solos and even harmonica… (tab not a gtp or pro)
But it also was rejected
And yesterday I looked into the TAB requests page and found this three songs… tabbed em out and putted them up to here…
I checked them after.. And saw that 1st one had got 1 approved (+) and 1 rejected (-) votes…
The secodn one had 5 + 1 - and the hird had 0+ 1 - ok but tday all three tabs were rejected.. DUH…

WHY??? I mean I haven't copied someones tab… haven't putted up a part of the song… and they were requested… that means no that kinda tab right??

So what's the problem?? I wanna get 5 tabs up here to have 100% of my profile… damn it help please… Y all my tabs are being rejected (PS I havent tabbed them wrong for sure… I've been playing since I was born (or even before) and couldn't just tab them wrong&hellip
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