that screw is stripped and i cannot get it out of there. what are my options? i dont have one of those bolt removers or anything. what are my options? i dont want to buy one either as this is a rare occurrence and the screw is very small.

after this incident i feel like i should invest in new screws for my guitars. is there a company that makes screws that wont become stripped? are there stainless steel screws for pickguards and pickup rings?
Take off your pickup ring and lift the pickup out, pull on the pickup while you screw. It will come out.
If you have a drill, wrap a bit of sandpaper around the bit so it comes to a point, and slowly sand a line into it. Then use a flat head to get it out.

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oh, you mean that the head is stripped. i see.

if you have a small handsaw and youre REALLY careful, cut a slot into it and use a flat head.
this happened to me with both screws, lift the pickup ring out, raise the pickup by pushing it (two springs will give a bit of tension) then the screw should raise out the hole, grab your pliers and use them to turn it.
I have a similar problem with a p bass copy i have damn annoying, went to rase the pick up a bit and the screw basically fell apart >_>
I broke a tuner mounting screw putting it in the neck. That's the only problem with rock maple.
Anyway, I'd say you should be careful with a hacksaw and cut a flat head screw slot in it.
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Well you can get those srew removal gouger thingies for pretty cheap at a hardware store. Or use plyers.
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