*Christian W. Chandler and Sonichu are Proud Supporters of Autism Awareness*

Why am I not the least bit surprised?
It's written by an autistic 26 year old called chris-chan.

This is a photo

Note the Sonicachu medallion that he wears in public at all times, also note that SONICACHU IS A TOTALLY ORIGINAL CHARACTER SO LEAVE HIM ALONE BECAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS.

Someone on 4chan is developing an adventures of sonicachu game
I am having serious trouble telling if this is a joke or not.

It looks like a piss take of Sonic The Comic from the mid 90s.
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I am having serious trouble telling if this is a joke or not.

It looks like a piss take of Sonic The Comic from the mid 90s.

Its real, there's just too much detail for it not to be. The creepy youtube videos, the extensive series of comics and also a random post on an unrelated blog that was found confirms that a guy matching his description would wander around in a manner exactly like that which he described as him searching for a girlfriend.

Once upon a time, there was a guy who paced in front of Abercrombie. He'd come and do it for hours on end, just walking back and forth. He was an okay-looking guy, not evil-looking like Creepy Molester Dude. So he would pace for his allotted time, then leave. Sometimes as he paced, he would sing or shout. Nobody really could ever tell what he was saying. Oh yeah, and he always wore the same shirt, a nice little long-sleeved red and blue number that had a gold crest on the left side, and white collar and cuffs.

Eventually, I guess he got bored of just pacing like that, because he started to bring his Gameboy SP with him. He had his headphones hooked up to it. So he would pace like that, all the time. His peak hours were usually between 2:00 and 4:00, and he usually left by 5:00.

...he came right up to the counter that I was standing behind, and he looks right at me, all fidgety and twitchy, and he goes, "You look to be about 19 years old, right?"

I busted out laughing, because he guessed it right. Star was laughing too, over from the sidelines where it was safe. "That's exactly right," I affirmed.

then this

So Christian came back, and handed me a card with a crudely drawn Sonic the Hedgehog and some other yellow Sonic-looking creature on it, along with Christian's name, email address, and website. It was a homemade business card. "That's my email address, and you can just email me sometime, okay? "Okay," I said, not intending to email him at all. He left the store, packed up his things, and went.
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omg, after further reading this is the greatest thing I have ever read. Thankyou onehappycamper