This is one of my favourite pieces so far. I have written lyrics for the majority of the song and its all in the tab along with the tune. The solo isn't exactly a masterpiece, but im still getting used to writing solos. Suggestions are welcome
Unnamed song.zip
the vocals go out of key a few times, they should hit D not D#
sounds odd
same with the solo

but other then that, good song
im still making changes to all my songs all the time :P
Im not sure why it sounded odd though. Maybe, if you werent using RSE or something ...
SynapslS meant odd as in dissonant, like out of key, I had a quick listen and changed it so in the vocal melody all the D#'s are replaced with D's, it sounds much better in those parts.

Also, the vocal melody should be an octave higher in the verse, I think. I'm not sure what your range is though, but singers who sing low seem to lack energy, which is needed for this genre. That was my only real complaint really. Besides that, generic. But cool. The solo was especially cool, along with the outro. Maybe you could try mucking around with some dissonant notes there. Try throwing in some stuff from the blues scale and some chromatics maybe. That always sounds cool in this kind of genre.

Besides that, the vocals were really catchy, the lyrics you had were cool, nothing special though. All the riffs were pretty good, but due to guitar pro, sounded crap. But I tried a couple of them out on a real guitar and they sounded pretty cool. Nothing really needs changing with them.

It might not be your cup of tea... but crit' mine?

- Carl, xo
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