I got this Engl Screamer 50 watt

and i got the question how to turn it on

do i have to turn stand by to 1 first and then wait 30secs and then turn "Power on" on

or the other way?

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it needs a bit time to warm up. i got the screamer too.

ahso deutsch?
k, also der brauch schon nen paar sekunden
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With the standby switch off turn the power switch on and give the amp a bit of time to warm up, then plug in and turn the standby switch on
I'm going to buy the Peavey 6505, and maybe it's because my english is not good enough but I still don't get it...sorry....

So everything is in 'off'-position first.
Then Power to 'ON'
And then after 30 seconds the Standby to 'ON'

...but...when the Standby is set to 'ON' you won't be able to play right? 'Cause it's on standby? Or is it?
no when the standby is on the amp is on
it's confusing written like that

stby power

stby power


Stby power
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^That's exactly it. It can be a bit confusing, but when the standby is in the OFF position the amp is in standby, when it's in the ON position it's ready to play.
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