iv just been given a fender squier for free so i thought id have a little mess about on it but me being the inexperienced guitarist i am are unable to tune it because whenever i get it even close the bridge just moves forward and the springs just stretch more. i odnt have a tremmelo bar for it but i didnt think that would be a problem. so... any one got any ideas?

tl:dr bridge moves when trying to tune help?
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the bridge shouldnt move. open the back cavity under the bridge, there may be springs missing/broken. ask the person who gave it to you. they might give you a clue as to what happened to said spring.
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is it a floating bridge? (eg floyd rose or Kahler?)

if you don't have a trem arm it may be handy to block the thing using a piece of wood.. that way it can't move anymore and you won't have this problem anymore.
You have to unscrew the back plate at the back of the guitar. Then you see that there are several springs (2 or 3) connected to the tremolo unit. Those springs hold the tremolo unit in place. So the tension from the springs have to equal the tension of the strings. when you increase the tension on the strings you therefore have to increase tension of the springs aswell.
For that you unscrew the back plate of the guitar and tighten the two screws that are mounted into the guitar and hold the springs.
Hope I helped.
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id max it out back here, then lube all contact points including graphite (pencil) at the nut cuts.


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