Right, im sure this happens with most guitarists looking for an awesome lead tone. I need help choosing a good boost pedal to bring out my solos, but not over-distort them. Atm my pedal board consists of :
Zakk Wylde Wah
Boss Noise Suppressor
Metal Muff w/top boost
Boss Digital Delay
Boss Chorus

now i know most will prolly say, "use the top boost on the Metal Muff" but i find it way to treble-ly. Im looking for a pedal that will help me emulate John Petruccis lead tone (to an extent) with good note clairity and help in bringing out Harmonic sqeals.
Any and all succesions would be good ^^
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hmm. if youre going for a petrucci tone, try a little compression to help bring out the individual notes he picks
but if youre going for a boost, see if you can find a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster, which works with your pickups to deliver a higher level output, instead of a higher gain output
by the way, nice setup so far
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You could up the volume and mids on the EQ pedal for a decent boost.
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