hey guys never been on this part of the forums before but i wanna try and learn how to play fingerstyle like people such as andy mckee. except his songs are so damn hard! have any of you got any suggestions as to some songs/artists that i could try to get me started?

If you've never played fingerstyle before Andy McKee is a bit of a jump in the deep end, learn some basic stuff like greensleeves, blackbird etc to get the feel for finger picking to begin with.
start of with fingerpicking some classical songs. then when you can play them good start playing some easy fingerstyle songs. then you can play the harder stuff..
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If you want to start playing fingerstyle you could try the song by creed called "one last breath" oryou can try some Elvis Presley songs like "can't help falling in love".Those songs are very easy fingerstyle songs.
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andy mckee or newton faulkner songs are great ! ( i wish i could play like them )
you should try something like :
to know him is to love him - amy winehouse (i know it sucks but..)
or r.e.m - everybody hurts
and one last breath - creed
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To the TS, Andy's songs are very difficult on thier own, and trying to tackle them as a beginner is like trying to fly a plane without reading the manual. (bad analogy, I know, but work with me here ). Like other people suggest, try with some easier songs, like greensleeves, then work your way up.
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