I've finally decided I am fed up of my Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401
I just dont seem to enjoy anything I can get out of it.
I always end up with either a really heavy low end with ****e mids & nice highs or crap lows amazing mids & nice highs.. I just want a kinda Killswitch tone like in My last serenade but my speakers make it even heavier which is good :P
I have a Jackson RR1 with EMG 85 in the bridge & also a ESP Custom shop Les Paul with 85 in the bridge (I never use my neck pickup its too "muddy/boomy".
I seem to find myself wanting a Hughes & Kettner Triamp but thats just WAY out of my budget atm.
I currently have about £500 to spend & I dont want a new amp cause I'd rather get it cheaper used! I could probs get about £200 for my Marshall at tops so bassically a max of £700.
It doesnt need to be a million watts I just need about 50-100.

Any suggestions would be helpfull.