lemme make it quick....
how much would u rate the toneport KB37 as a recording I/O device out of 10??
and oh yeah...its Line6...if youve never heard/seen it...check it out on line6.com..

Just No.
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Wrong forum, Guitar Gear and Accessories is where you post this matey.

EDIT: I should probably add *reported* to this, so... *reported*
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If I'd never seen or heard it, i wouldn't rate it, because I'd know nothing about it, other than what Line6(it's manufacturer) wants me to know. And they would like me to buy one, so i don't really care what they say about it, which s probably along the lines of "can't get laid? Well, you don't need to with the Toneport KB37, because it'll make you cum so hard, your balls will dshoot out of your japs eye".
check out the more specific forums for info on guitar accessories, recording, etc
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