"High roll-off mod: Notice those small ceramic caps on 3 of the transistor stages? They are used to roll of excessive highs. Normally they are 470 pF (C2, 5 & 8) but larger values roll of more highs. You can also remove em for a great result."

Does anyone which caps he's referring to? thanks
C2, C5 and C8. C2 is the one the far left, haven't found the rest yet but just check all the numbers on the silkscreen. You'll find them.

The stuff that's circled in red are diodes and resistors btw.
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C2 is on the far left, C5 is 3rd from the right near the top and C8 is the green one right at the top slightly left of the centre.
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The strange thing is that he is talking about the ceramic capacitors and C2, C5, and C8 are not ceramic. The Ceramic capacitors are C11,C10, and C12 I think.
A modification I like better is increasing all the stages coupling capacitors. Increase them to 0.1mF... Solid bass, and a bit less highs.

The NYC's are ridiculously gainey and sharp doing this little "mod" brings the pedal; back closer to vintage specs.
C10 and C11 theres another one next to the other transistor they clearly say 470p. And using sockets would be a good idea so things can be undone easily if needed.