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Heroes of Our Time
3 75%
The Fire Still Burns
1 25%
Reasons to Live
0 0%
Heartbreak Armageddon
0 0%
The Last Journey Home
0 0%
A Flame for Freedom
0 0%
Inside the Winter Storm
0 0%
The Warrior Inside
0 0%
Voters: 4.
The 4th DragonForce album, Ultra Beatdown, has been released.

Here are the songs from in the Ultra Beatdown album:
01. Heroes of Our Time (7:14)
02. The Fire Still Burns (7:50)
03. Reasons to Live (6:26)
04. Heartbreak Armageddon (7:41)
05. The Last Journey Home (8:12)
06. A Flame for Freedom (5:20)
07. Inside the Winter Storm (8:12)
08. The Warrior Inside (7:15)

Here are the line-ups for the Ultra Beatdown:
ZP Theart – Lead vocals
Herman Li – Guitars, backing vocals
Sam Totman – Guitars, backing vocals
Frédéric Leclercq – Bass, backing vocals
Vadim Pruzhanov – Keyboards, Theremin, Kaoss Pad, backing vocals
Dave Mackintosh – Drums, backing vocals

Now, try to go and make some Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, Chord Tabs, Power Tabs, and Guitar Pros of some of these songs!
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lol another crazed dragonforce fan. i love heroes of our time although all the songs are cheesy and crap they're still somewhat catchy.
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