what is the size of a humbucker pickup with the frame around it? or if its possible could someone tell me how many inches are underneath the bridge of a dean evo xm
There are two main sizes based on string spacing. Gibson-type spacing and F (Fender or Floyd Rose) spacing. What do you mean by "how many inches are underneath the bridge?"

Anyway, pickups, if you're considering new pickups, or you just want to know the dimentions of the pickups you have, Seymour Duncan should have the dimentions of all their pickups on their website. I think the Evo has smaller (Gibson) string spacing.
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theres a million sizes and no rules on how big it has to be. and if you cant take it out and measure it yourself you dont need to know right?
no. i havent ordered the guitar yet so i dont have it, and from an internet picture i want to be able to take the pickups in the picture and copy and paste them underneath the bridge. depending on how many pickups i can fit underneath it will tell me if there is enought room for a kaoss pad