Hello everyone.

I have recently been getting far more into the guitar and performing, and am looking for a new tube amp to replace my old solid state (which, frankly, disgusts me). I have found one which I believe would be good, a Vox. My question is, as a fifty watt amp, would it be loud enough to play as a lead guitarist in a full rock band?

Forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject, I haven't had alot of experience with tube amps, but my research has told me that they produce far more volume at lower wattage.

Any help would be much appreciated!
a 30 watt all tube would be loud enough to be a lead guitarist in a rock band.

The 50 watt is more then enough and should be just fine. As a general rule...and i mean general... Is that a tube amp will put out 2-2.5 times as much volume as a solid state. And the Vox ac tube series are great too.
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50 watts will be plenty loud enough. My DSL is 40 watts, and when my parents are in, I can't turn the master volume past two and a half because it drowns out the house. Luckily, when they're out, I just crank the bitch to four or five (Thank god I have a 20ft lead so I can stand for away from it outside my bedroom)
50-75 watts should be good for the small gigging you're going to start with. The AD50VT is a good choice as it is a nice modelling amp, or (flameshield on) the spider III. I think they both have good flexibility.
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50-75 watts should be good for the small gigging you're going to start with. The AD50VT is a good choice as it is a nice modelling amp, or (flameshield on) the spider III. I think they both have good flexibility.

I disagree on the spider, I don't think it's flexible at all. Flexible implies you can get a lot of good sounds out of it. I've never gotten one.
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The AD50VT should be loud enough in a band situation...
But it's not a real tube amp, just so you know. It's a glorified solid state amp.


Most 15W all tube amps will sound louder. And better, IMHO.
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he might have been talking about the 50 watt classic plus, which is a pretty decent amp, but i would choose an AC30 over it any day

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Well, In all honesty I am amazed at the helpfulness of these forums.

Well, I was looking at the AC50CP2. I looked at an AC30 and have played them before, and have decided that they are not for me, and also are a little out of the price range I am willing to spend right now. It seems to have positive reviews, and an old guitar teacher of mine was quite a fan of them. It is all tube.

I would be using it primarily for rock, blues and jazz. It seems to be able to perform for thsoe types, based on reviews I have read. Unfortunately I do not have a local dealer where I could check it out myself.
15 watt tube amps could be cranked up for small gigs.
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I'm looking for a Zeppelin-like tone, but also able to pull off some of the heavier distortion for bands like Metallica.

Price range of about 1000 dollars, willing to go a bit over if it's worthwhile.
Check Ebay and Craigslist (I'm guessing you're from the US), you can get way better amps if you buy used.

Oh, and if you want to abuse it, some (all? It might be a law or something) online websites let you return a product inside a week of buying it, or something along those lines.
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