very relaxing and nice

the stuff at the end kinda caught me off guard, but I like it.

the bird sounds got a TINY bit annoying sometimes, but overall I think this sounded really nice

EDIT: crit mine?


it's very different from what you have here(it's metal-shred stuff) but if you wan't to leave me a comment I would like that
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sounds like explosions in the sky but not as good. youd like the bands toe and piglet too if youre into that minus the bear sort of sound, but they're both instrumental.
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Thanks for the comments guys.
@ mercedesisbenz - we arent instrumental we just havent recorded drums and vox yet
ill keep you guys updated when it gets done
thanks again
First thanks for comments on my song!

Intro made me think of incubus. The breeze/bird effect throughout the whole song is a bit much. It works nice in the intro and around 1:30 (when the guitar quiets down again). Really like the guitar in this piece tho, sounds great. I think if you add some vocals and maybe drums, and use that special effect more sparingly you'd have a real kickass song on your hands.
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Hey cool stuff, I'm really interested in what this will sound like with drums and vocals. I like the sound effects and the tone of the guitar, but like I said before drums and vocals would fill this song out a lot more. Good work, keep it up!

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Great Intro, Reminded Me Of Praxis :S
Like everyone says, some drums and vocals would make it alot more better.
Even with the guitar alone it sounded great!

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Nice riff to start it off and I dig the panning. I have to question the rythm guitar pause that keeps happening, it feels like it loses time. Most of the chords seem a little bit out of place but when you get back to using arpeggios I love the sound. Some drums would help bring everything together, especially when you start playing chords. I like the evil sounding breakdown. You could bring the riff up more in volume though. Never mind it just did. It all gets a little messy though after the volume does come up. One guitar doing that riff in perfect time with distortion and a drum would sound awesome though, so you're on the right track with that sound. Overall it sounds good man. My favorite part are the arpeggios, very Radiohead-ish. Keep at it, experimental music can be really beautiful if you put the time and patience into it.

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