between playng a guitar with jumbo frets and one with normal frets? Is there a reason for the jumbos or the extra jumbos?
it is supposed to make it easier to play fast....
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it took me ages to get used to jumbo frets, after having played a guitar with much smaller frets for a couple of years.
3 years on, i'm still debating whether or not to get it re-fretted with smaller frets...
people say its easier to play with larger frets but i really disagree.
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Honestly I never felt much of a difference, yet I know many people who have problems with diffent fret sizes. Thinking about it the only difference I remember was that a guitar I had with medium frets had a tendency to make more noise when I did slides. Other than that nothing

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At first I had started out using a standard epiphone les paul which probably had the normal frets, then for 2 years I've been using a B.C Rich Warlock which has jumbo frets. For a month now I've been using a Dean ML with normal frets. When I first got my ML I did feel a little difference when I played but it hasn't been easier or harder to play.