I hear so much about not taking all the strings off a guitar at once for fear of warping the neck - would leaving it for a while with one string off have any similar effects?

One of my strings broke yesterday morning and I didn't have time to fix it, I'm going to do it this afternoon but the guitar has been sitting in its case all night with 5 strings. The string was the higher E (6th) string, I'm fairly sure it was a 10 (regular slinky) and the guitar is a 3 year old Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Thanks!
it should be fine... especially because most epiphones and gibsons have set necks... it should be fine... and it'd be very wise to change every string on the guitar instead of just the one
It will be fine. You might not want to leave it with no strings, and even that probably wouldnt ruin it.

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Some people say that you shouldn't change the strings all at once because the tension willl warp the neck. But I've heard from just as many people that they do it all the time and never noticed a change in the neck. I personally have never seen a problem with doing it like that.

Now, as for leaving a guitar overnight with 5 strings.... I doubt it will do anything to harm the neck.

However, a nice little tip to remember, don't take ALL the strings off and then leave the guitar sitting for days without any strings. If you do the truss rod will readjust itself
it should be fine cause i lefted mine for a week without a high e string and it was fine
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The wood starts without any strings on, so it will probably be fine. Lightspeed Champion never has a b string on his guitars.

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Thanks! And yeah I never change just one string I just restrung it... Only exception being those irritating moments when a brand new string spontaneously snaps while being wound