I've been playing guitar for about a month now and I'm having trouble playing this riff from the song Crawl Through Knives by In Flames.


I can play it just fine it's just when I try and play it full speed i keep playing the A string notes twice. I believe this is caused by my pick catching the A string as i am going for the low E (If that makes any sense). I would much appreciate advice on how to overcome this.
Economy pick, and practice....no real other way then to pick a way and practice it.
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Maybe it's just too hard for you, a month isn't very long and you're not going to be able to play everything you want to simply by following the tab. I'd advise you to spend some time simply learning to play the guitar rather than learning specific songs, it'll help you progress faster in the long term.
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Thanks.. and i am alternate picking, however you are right steven (as usual...), i will carry on working with my troy stetina books