So my college-wide music project needs to raise funds so we can buy equipments etc etc. The main purpose of the project is to record a full-length LP album.

Any ideas? Some amount of seriousness, please.

We have about 18 members.

So far, this is what we've come up with:
  • Selling T-shirts.
  • Selling EP albums consisting of songs that we decide to leave out of the full LP album.
  • Doing car washes.
  • Busking.
  • Going around and asking for small amounts of donations.
Sell food for outrageous prices at some kind of event.

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Drug sales. Launder the money through said bake sales/busking events.
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Why not organise a dinner evening at a venue?

Get after dinner speakers as well as a raffle (get local companies to donate things for this - most are usually obliging). All you have to do is sell tickets and cover your costs.

Having been involved with these in the past, they are always a good money-spinner.
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How about a playathon? Our school had one. Ask people to sponsor you for some amount of money per hour that you play, and play as long as you can.
The playathon sounds like a good idea. Why don't you play a few well paying gigs?
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