I notice alot of people have absolutely no sound playing when they pick up a guitar or just move their fingers on the strings a hair bit. What effect pedal would do this? I know most of it is just knowing how to silence strings, but there seems to be more. Any help would be appreciated.
May be a noise gate. They may set the volume on their guitar to zero before they set it down. Turning on your tuner also works.
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Turning the volume down will work, I play alot with heavy reverb, so it splashes a lot.
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The ones I have seen their amps are on. I have seen some getting a really clean sound with out the ruckus of handling the guitar without turning the sound down on the guitar. However I suppose they could have a volume pedal. Also does a noise gate take out hum from the amp signal?
definitely a noise gate
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Everytime I'm done playing something on the guitar, it just comes natural to roll that volume knob all the way back.

Noise Gate is designed to work that way, as well. When not playing, you shouldn't hear any guitar, or ideally, amp hum either. Also, to cut the hiss and feedback.
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Amp is on standby...guitar volume is down....volume pedal...
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