You can see both songs in my profile - the original is just called "how i seem to be", the new version is "how i seem to be (dist + sax + bgvox)".

I used to just crank my amp and record everything at the same time. A few days ago I bought a USB guitar device to record straight into the computer and have been learning how to use reaper.

The current version of this song is really still rough, but I would like feedback and more importantly tips on how to get the most out of using such a program and usb recording!

I haven't spent a lot of time with recording the sax but its obvious right away that you can hear breathing and key clicking in spots. I'd also probably say that the higher notes on the alto may be too piercing and I should stick in the lower range of the instrument.

On the guitar - so far I've only got 3 VST amps to work with, and the 2 they give in amplitube 2 demo are kind of weak as the volume is low and sound kind of bland. The one I'm using here is the british valve custom from VST studio devil. I think I like this sound better than the original but it would be nice to have more amp options and effects to play with!

I am thinking to maybe move the sax solo to the middle of the song, after the bridge (and redo it, re-record it etc ofc) rather than as an intro.
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Wow that was pretty good. I liked the sax intro it was very chill and set a nice atmosphere. The vocals were actually very nice and fitting for the song. For a suggestion, you might want to work on creating nonlinear volume path to your song. It seems like the it follows the same vocal level the whole time and it would add a lot more dimension if you could mix it up a little. But even with that it sounds pretty good. Keep up the good work!


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