I just bought a Squier J Bass, and i want to change the strings. However, i have very little experience with bass strings, so i was hoping someone could help me.

I was looking at half wound D'addario, but im not sure if half wounds are any good. I want strings that give a nice sound when slapped/popped, but also with fingers.

I dont really have a price range, i just need ideas to get me started looking.


EDIT: I play in a band, and i dont really slap that much, so the sound when playing with my fingers takes precedence over the sound of slap.
I've been a GHS player for years. When I can't find GHS (which happens from time to time...several shops seem to run out of multi-string sets every few months) I play Ernie Ball.

I play GHS because I feel like they give me an even response across the length of the string and they seem to get to 'gig length', i.e. get stretched out when first put on the instrument and tuned, quickly. One drawback is they seem to lose their 'pop' just as quickly. They sound bright and crisp for about a week and then start to deaden.
Half-wound strings are a bit on the smooth side, but they don't cut out as much of the treble as flatwound strings. They're not bad. I'd be able to give a better opinion if I weren't trying them out on a ****ty bass.
Halfwound strings are regular roundwound strings that have been ground down to make them smoother. They sound somewhere in between flatwounds (which are deeper and more upright-y) and roundwounds (which are brighter). I have absolutely no experience with using them (I've been considering it for a while now but have never gotten around to it), and have heard a wide range of responses regarding the feel. Some people really like it immediately, while other reviewers have said they take some getting used to. So, that appears to be subjective. If I had to guess, they probably won't be terrible for slap, but roundwounds would be better. However, they won't wear down your frets over time. But if you're worried about that, you could also try DR Sunbeams. I have a set of those on the my Spector, and I really like them. I've also played Rotosound 66's, which are also great.
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