Which has more gain, reliability, versitility, etc (which is better)

Looking for a very heavy tone, for example All Shall Perish/Nevermore?Lamb Of God

Going to be MIDIing either one with a G-Sharp and a Boss NS-2 in the loop.

Gonna be using a cheap solid state power amp if i get the engl, then upgrade to a tube one in the future. gona use a cheap cab with the laney.

Using aWashburn X50 Pro Q and an Ibanez RG7 321


Iv not played the Laney so sadly I cant comment on that but as a E530 owner I can tell you there is easily enough gain to handle what you want to play and it loves low tunings which will suit your ibanez. It shines for rhythm duties but can sound a little harsh when playing solos if you dont watch your tone pot and arn't a fan of heavy processing.
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