i need help i like bands like iron maiden pantera but i cant stand iron maiden im going crazy does this mean im not a metal guy
What the hell?

Yes, you suck
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If you don't like Iron Maiden, don't listen to them. Listen to what inspires you and makes you want to create music. Hell, I don't even listen to Maiden, Priest, or Megadeth because the singers' voices to me are somewhat of an annoyance.
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So you like Iron Maiden and you also cannot stand them?

Are you in the right forum?
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maiden aitn the only metal band in the world
i guarentee you theres gunna be metal bands you dont like

if you think you like em all ur a poser

listen to what you want
I don't get this thread

Apparently he likes a band called Iron Maiden Pantera and dosn't like Iron Maiden...

... well I'm handing in my sanity...
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Daphne and Celeste.

The kult girl-band.

I've never heard of them... But I think that's a good thing.
Anyway... I still don't understand this thread.
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Yes, you aren't metal if you don't like Iron Maiden.

...Sometimes I don't understand the stupidity of questions that people ask. Just go and figure out your own damn musical tastes, whether or not it's metal. If you like Pantera, cool, you'll probably like more metal too. But whatever you listen to and enjoy, than that's what you should be listening to.

Aside from the obvious definition between musical styles. **** genres.
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...What the hell are you trying to say? (TS)

What the hell is (TS)!?
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