I think its decent, but maybe revised? Feel free to comment and give advise so i can make it better. Anything is welcome, so all opinions welcome. Thank you.

Something, Somebody, Someone
Spent the day in my mind,
Trapped inside,
Completely lost,
Nowhere to hide.

Looking around inside,
Not sure what to find,
Complicated is all,
I'll be left behide.

I want to be something,
Somebody who isn't afraid of life,
Someone who can be the best,
But never afraid to cry.

Things seemed so real,
But feel like a lie,
I'm headed nowhere,
Just the end of time.


I've felt it all,
The pains and sighs,
Of those who've loved,
And never loved at all.

This isn't fair,
It's all a lie,
I should be out there,
But I'm stuck in here.


I want to be something,
I want to be somebody,
I want to be someone,
Anyone, Anything but me...