I am looking for an acoustic-electric guitar, but possibly just an acoustic as well. Looking for these, but will take a gander at anything:
Taylors, Takamine G series, Breedloves, Epi Masterbilts, etc.

MUST BE CUTAWAY unless you have a great deal for me. looking to spend between $200-500.

thanks, taylor
dimebag- not interseted, thanks though.

jess- looks like new ones go for 319, so id have to pass, thanks though as well.
i have a ruby red ovation celebrity i'll let go for 250 plus shipping. Solid spruce top. Mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard. I'll even do a fresh fret polish for you. Message me if you're interested and i can send you some pics.
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I'll trade you your derrick clapton and jimmy hendrick signed squire for my bass signed by jesus and spiderman. its a fair trade really
I have a yamaha apx-6A I bought last year off my guitar teach for $650.

I'll let it go for $500? + you pay shipping? It has a beautiful hardshell case with it, and plays amazing. Price is non-negotiable as this guitar plays amazing, but I want to upgrade to an even higher-end acoustic.

pm me i interested, pics are in my profile.
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kickincubs i live in aurora. i have this guitar here in transparent black if you are interested. I am willing to work out a fair deal.

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