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I have a Gibson LP and the pickups look a bit tarnished / kinda stained. What can i clean them with? What metal are they made of. I have some silver cleaner and some wd-40 laying around.
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I just use furniture polish and it gets mine shining. I wouldn't recommend it though.
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hey make it vintage, no no to cleaning, you'll ruin the whole thing... or buy new covers for like 10-25 at warmoth or stewmac
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I think higher end Les Paul's like the Standards come with a finish on the metal parts that relic's over time so it makes the guitar look right, so there might not be a way to properly "polish" them.
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If its a post 2002 or really old LP it will be nickel, other than that it will be chrome, so look for specialized polish for these materials
for the love of god don't use WD-40, thats lube for squeaky hinges and sh*t
IMO i would leave it..
gives the guitar a more vintage look :P
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