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Took about a year to write but got there i think in the end..


A father and son on the beach hand in hand
'Dad, lets build a castle right here in the sand'
In the cool of the evening, on their knees side by side
Sharing moments together, precious moments together
They build it with pride

The following day they return at sundown
The child's happy smile has turned to a frown
For the castle they built on the previous day
By the incoming tide, by the incoming tide
Has been swept away

With much consolation homeward they turn
'Son don't be discouraged, there's a lesson to learn
For we built up our castle with its towers tall and grand
But we laid it's foundation, yes we laid it's foundation
In the shifting sand'

Well some choose for riches seeking fortune and fame
Building scaffolds of folly to uphold their name
But those who will follow the straight narrow way
Have laid their foundation, have laid their foundation
On the Rock that will stay

What are you building?
How long will it last?
Do you build with a view to eternity
Or solely with an eye on the past
What are you building?
How long will it last?
All man made memorials
All our wonderful castles of clay
By the merciless tides of time
Will be swept away

Copyright 2004 Alan Paul