I started this thread because it seems as though the fates are telling me to give up guitar: i have a ganglionic cyst on the right side of my left hand (fretting hand) that flares up every once and a while making sweep arpeggio's a problem, and i have tendonitis in my fretting hands pinky finger after playing for only 2 years. I have not given up yet and dont plan on it. The purpose of this thread is for others with injuries or problems to seek advice from others who have had them, and get reassurance, because i know that many times i had thought about giving up.
well im not sure about the cyst, but with the tendonitis you need to rest your hand, so no guitar untill the pain completly goes, its better than further ruining your hand. best to see a doctor too.

i used to have pains in my right wrist, but luckily i found out that it was the way i used a pc keyboard that was harming me.
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Yea, the tendonitis has subsided pretty much, i play in incriments. It helps alot with motivation to watch a really good guitars go at it once and a while too.