Yoes eveyone!

I've got this neat Guitar Pro tablature that I'd love to play, the only problem is that in one or several points I should obviously be able to cover vast fret lenghts (like the first and 17th fret at once), and I just don't see it possible.

Here's a screen:

Is there a special way to play tabs like that? Thanks for the help in advance.
It looks like a piano/keyboard part that you are not supposed to read the tab of. You can only play one note per string on a guitar so Guitar Pro only allows one note per string even when you are using keyboard or another non-guitar instrument because Guitar Pro is ultimately meant for guitar parts.
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^ He's right, maybe it's for keyboard or synth. What song is it?

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Only Jimi Hendrix can play that . But other than that it looks impossible.
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That is not a guitar tab unless you have really long spaghetti fingers...
Do you have really long spaghetti fingers?
It may be from a synth or the voice track if your using guitar pro....
Hmm thanks for the help. It's from a Pirates of the Caribbean tab. And yeah I thought it must be a piano part or something, the thing that confused me was that it said Acoustic Guitar track below.
Well thanks anyway.
And no, I don't have long spaghetti fingers. :p