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Samuel L Jackson
178 30%
Ving Rhames
0 0%
Michael Clarke Duncan
2 0%
Wesley Snipes
2 0%
Denzel Washington
67 11%
Morgan Freeman
199 33%
Will Smith
93 16%
LL Cool J
0 0%
Don Cheadle
11 2%
The guy who played Carlton Banks/other
44 7%
Voters: 597.
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I posted a similar thread like this several months ago, but pitmonkey's yelled at me because I forgot a few important names in the poll.

So...here it is. Who's your favorite black actor?

*poll coming*
inb4 Samuel L Jackson

EDIT: dammit!
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Samuel L. Jackson.


or Morgan Freeman.

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inb4 Samuel L Jackson

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Michael Jackson. He's been fooling us for so long...
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Morgan Freeman, no competition IMO
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Carlton's name is Alfonso Ribiero I do believe. Washington, Freeman, and Cheadle are all spectacular actors. That being said, Jackson will probably win because The Pit has the collective brain power of a 13 year old who thinks SLJ is the coolest mother ever cause he yelled the naughty words in the Pulp Fiction.


I voted Denzel by the way. Can't deny the power of roles like Alonzo Harris in Training Day and Malcolm X in Malcolm X.
Robert Downy Jr. in Tropic Thunder!!!!
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Morgan Freeman. He's God, after all, and he's friends with Batman.
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i voted for morgan freeman, as he is my favortie actor, however don cheadle is an amazng actor, and often overlooked. he is in like every movie nowadays, and a great talent. jamie fox is another great actor.
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Chea_man is the best.
Samuel L Jackson or Morgan Freeman. They're both as good as each other IMO, but I prefer Morgan Freeman's roles.
Samuel L or Morgan Freeman for sure. But Don Cheadle is pretty dam good.

Why isn't the guy guy who played Lando in Star Wars on here??!!??!! He was the only black guy in the first 3 movies!
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Either denzel or morgan. All jackson did was yell swears at people
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Samuel Jackson
Will Smith
Morgan Freeman
Denzel Washington.

In that order.

+1 exactly
Morgan Freeman
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Mr. Jackson and Mr. Smith kick ass...
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Denzel Washinton hands down, no contest.
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Will Smith
Morgan Freeman
Samuel l Jackson
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