This is the model and colour.
Wine red with flame maple top, its got a built in tuner, and plays really nicely.

Selling on behalf of a friend, its only about 3 weeks old, but he has some money problems and doesnt play enough to keep it. Was gonna just take it to cash convertors or the local music shop but thought I would offer it here first.

Comes with a strap and might be willing to give up one of my own gig-bags if I have to post it, but rest assured it would be packaged well. Good condition, got a few mark on the back when held up to the light.

Make me an offer guys

I own this in transparent blue. Great acoustic guitar, neck is a little wider than my LP's but is comfortable and fast!

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do you have pictures? and can you give us a rough price?

I'm really interested
Where are you based?

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I am based in east anglia, not far from newmarket or norwich, half way in between really. Will be at Lincoln Uni in a couple of weeks tho, but would like it sold before then. Im happy to post it, but obviously the buyer would pay for that. With the gig bag and strap I would be looking for about £90 and then postage on top? Lets say £100 all in with postage, and ill pay the difference. But if you collect in person, then I may knock some off.

Here are some pics...

its going to cash converters or the music shop at the weekend if I don't get some strong interest? Make me an offer guys, my mate needs the money as soon as, so needs to be gone soon. Possibly interested in trades, but would have to be something interesting for me, and I would then give him the money... Come on chaps!
hmm possibly, what you reckon to £70 and the wah and ill pay for the postage . Where abouts you based anyway?
Its seriously gone by tomorow, my mate needs the cash, so its down the pawn/music shop. Need strong interest now or you will miss your chance.