my g and b string fuzz on the higher frets, and i only know how to raist all the strings, doesany one know how to raise one string, and with details?
You can't raise them on a TOM. Sounds like you need to adjust your neck or possibly the nut. Even if you could raise them, it would be sidestepping the real issue.
The radius of your TOM Bridge may not match the fingerboard radius perfectly which is fairly common. It also sounds like your bridge height is set higher on the Low E side than the High E side as the buzzing strings aren't the two centred ones (D &G) but offset slightly towards the high E. If your neck is setup correctly and it's just the brdige that's the problem then there are several ways to correct this buzzing...... one would be raise the High E side of your bridge only, or you could innstall two new blank saddles (G & B) and not cut the slots as deep or you could cut the other slots (not G & B) deeper to correct the radius and then raise your entire bridge.

EDIT: Previous poster could be right about the neck (excessive relief does cause buzzing in the higher fret area if action is low) but I don't thnik the nut could be a problem as open strings would also be buzzing. Once you fret a note the nut height basically dissappears from the equation.
Moving on.....
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One of the downsides to TOM bridges is the lack of individual height adjustment. There is an aftermarket one out there with each saddle can be raised or lowered. But no cant just do one string.