searchbar couldn't answer my question ..

so Pit, I won a zippo-type lighter at a game , but the problem is I don't like the marijuana flower that it has printed on the cover .

I thought of painting it with graffity ink, but a friend of mine told me it was inflamable, but here's my question: is it still inflamable after drying , or should I use a different product and what ?

i wouldnt take a chance, there is probably somthing else you can use instead, or, is the emblem a paint image or a bit of metal or whatever glued on?
uh do u mean a marijuana LEAF

white out is inflamable but when it drys it can't be light on fire

but maybe u don't want to take that chance
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^the emblem is painted

I'll ask at a hardware shop .. or maybe I'll try to burn some graffiti