[UK] Need another Xbox 1 due to motherboard failure (trade items inside)

Hi all, After trying to mod my xbox 1 I accidentally chipped the video IC and now the console is essentially useless and unreapiarable without a replacement motherboard etc. which costs too much seeing as a new xbox would be cheaper. But long story short, i miss it and im lookin for a replacement. I would buy one from my local second hand store for like £15 but im skint so trades will have to do..unless you make a me a good offer

Items for trade:

Behringer DD100 digital delay
Boss DS-1
Danelectro Fab Distortion
Possibly EHX little big muff pi (if games or memory card included)
Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer

Quote by 666_Pounder
I would swap for TS7. I think I still have mine in the loft, I'll check it but I need a TS for cheap

Awesome, btw the TS7 has the TS808 mod with a JRC4558DD for more gain, if it sways the deal

Post here or send me a PM if you find it dude

until then still open for offers!
Quote by 666_Pounder
Found it, and yes the mod would sway it actually ha ha.

Awesome, what condition is it in? PM me and we can discuss further