So I was the main character in Bioshock, and I was kicking the balls off of a Big Daddy, and when I killed him I look around and go towards the Little Sister, and I'm going to do the good thing, but then she gets all bitchy, so I sling her down, then kick her in the face, and she flies into the big glass thingy surrounding Rapture and it breaks, and the water rushes in and kills me.

I woke up and go to piss, and realize I'm naked, so I turn around put on my boxers. Later on I one of the two guys that were staying over at my house told me that he'd went in my room to check on me and got an eyeful of my **** and/or balls in the midst of my awesome Bioshock dream.

Just thought I'd share this.
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it has to be good. jonas brothers play the bigger version of it

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sometimes i wake up naked as well hahaha
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So I had a kickass dream where I was a little sister from Bioshock and this fucker killed my Big Daddy, so I was like "WHAT DA FUCK U DOIN?!" and rammed headfirst into the glass fucking wall to drown that bitch.
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ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Haha, what were you fapping while you were beating the little sister or something?
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I came at the

-"Oh Lars, seek and destroy my backside"
-"yeah Kirk ride my lightning!"

What the ****?
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Why as soon as the part about the Little Sister came up did I assume you would rape her?

Because that's how MY dream would have gone? Probably.

I assumed the same.. this is the Pit.