This song is about being a Christian. Putting that right up front.

i decide
at some point
this is what i am
sterilize hope

how far i ran
to meet this
repeat the phrase "i can"
feel it faulter

reach me
one last time
draw that line
let me try
i'll cross it one day
i'll be on our side

such a struggle, unseen
and in so many ways
it is between
the spine and the ribcage
how people can change
how one can walk
and not faint

now i seek new ground to stand on
i reach in the dark
my hand finds a figure and begins to work
i'm twisting the outcome into different shapes
i can feel the likeness changing
but i still can't see the face
and as my memory arrives, i realize
that nothings different
(i've done this a thousand times)

is this what it means to walk with you?
to stumble as a child until the walk is through?

We're only strays.