ok so i have a choice between getting the newest lamb of god cd or number of the beast by iron maiden, and i can only get one not both, can someone recomend which one i should buy?
dude!!!!! w/o thinking of it buy The Number Of the BEast man!!!! one of the best cds recorded on earth!!!!!!!!!
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get em both

the man talks sense!
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Why listen to it? That song is for emos, homos, and girls.

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And Def Leppard aren't cool. Hell, rabies and Robert Mugabe are cooler.

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get em both

was there ever a doubt TS ?

The Number Of The Beast
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get em both

f u c k that i want it in my fu cken hands not on a computer screen
NUMBER OF THE BEAST! Iron Maiden owns Lamb of God!
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that is without doubt the stupidest question ever asked on this messageboard. and that's even taking into account the guy who asked about his 'five pickup' superstrat. (goddamn HSH guitars)
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or better yet, save your money, and see them next time they come to your town.
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It doesn't matter, you'll be wasting your money either way.

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