Nothing special really music wise its a punkier rock tune. powerpop/punk maybe i dunno. I wrote the song for a close friend who killed himself, from the perspective that he didnt end up doing it and everybody living happily ever after.

In a sense they are somewhat amateur lyrics but the are meaningful and to me, that makes them fine. Yeah so here it is. Im playing bass and singing. During the writing of the song I was influenced by cheap tricks first album the who, the dolls, and a song by rrrreeeaaaalllly early motley crue called On with the show. My song is almost too similar to On with the show in hindsight.

Comment how you wish it was 2 years ago so i dont really care if you trash it. Im open to some constructive critism. thanks

Apart from originally thinking you were about to cover 'since you've been gone' (my bad :p )
and the mix itself being a little 'colourfull' the song itself had no faults for me, nice and simple but It made for some easy listening.
Re-write the solo and get a little bit more clever with the recording of it, tighten it up, multi-track the vocals, get the levels right, get some reverb and other effects on there, pan things out a bit, ya know the fancy-pants kinda stuff.
Could sound great.
Just at the solo and i was thinkin you could keep the rhtyhm behind it and layer the solo on top. Also for the solo i thought the tone wasnt too great, but i thought the phrasing was fine.
The vocals were fine and the only thing is what littleknowitall said is just to pan things out and get the levels correct.
Saying that I liked it Keep it up

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