I want to buy my first tube amp. I'm looking for something that has a very nice, warm and melodic distortion like this:


I don't need brutal and inexpressive distortion for trash/death/black. Cleans are not so important, since I rarely use them (I'm happy with the cleans of my Roland Cube).

The amp should cost less than $600-700 and, no, I don't need too much wattage. I will use it at home and for small gigs, nothing big. Oh, and preferibily a combo amp.

Any advice? ENGL? Laney? Peavey? Mesa Boogie? Bugera? Others?
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its pretty much up to you, you should just try out a bunch of amps and choose the one you like best

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Get a used mesa-boogie off craigslist.
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Personally I'd go for a Screamer 50 combo or if you're going for a Halfstack try out a Fireball Head. Both are quite a stretch on that budget though. Still worth saving for.
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It's a mother fecking amplifier!!!!!! For Christ's fecking sake!

Something vintage Marshallish I'd say. The guy that said 5150 is an eeejit.
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It's a mother fecking amplifier!!!!!! For Christ's fecking sake!

It's a mother fecking amplifier forum!!!!!!! For Christ's fecking sake!
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Used F-30 gets my vote.