Does anyone around here by any chance recognize this guitar? In respect to the age of it I suppose, I've had it for awhile but know nothing about it and can't really find one like it on... google.
I've seen something like it before. Can't remember where. I'll have a look around.



It's made in Korea, probably around 2002.

Infact, that might not be your guitar in the reviews. But, I'm guessing it is Korean made around that time.
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I think there may be some differences between mine and those ones though, as they're saying 2 humbuckers and a 3 way switch, where I've got 1 humbucker, 2 single coils and a 5 way selector switch. Plus, no one mentions what that little flipswitch is between the volume and the tone knobs.

Edit: but, its probably close enough to say that its likely around that year.
That looks a lot like my ST-III, in that the pickup/trem configuratopn is the same. ST-IIIs have had different control layouts over the years, though. What is the serial number?
I have an older one of those, it appears to be a Gunsliner/SST (same body, only difference is hardware and pickups).

That mini-toggle in the middle is a coil tap.
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