Okey well i have Ibanez 2550E a 2006 model.. 1 of the last made in japan
the problem im facing is i have an edge pro bridge.. and i use all sorts of tunings from standard, 1 step, 2 step, 3 step, drop d, c, b, a.. soo i need to figure out a way i can put the guitar into these tunings without the bridge coming all the way down making the strings unplayable.. -.-

block your tremolo? unless you use it alot..
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you could put softer sprigs in it but that would only solve it for one tuning at a time... id suggest buying a second guitar with a standard bridge for alt tunings like i did:/ thats the best way to fix it
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Google floyd rose adjustment, then do it once for th tuning you want to use the most, and forget the other tunings once you'll have done that you won't want to do it more than once each 3-4 months.
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