I was wondering if anybody could recommend me some basic setups(eq, effects, etc) to get a basic coheed and cambria tone; im especially interested in some of the parts in devil in jersy city

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For anything on Second Stage Turbine Blade, use a Marshall, pretty sure they used JCM900's. For In Keeping Secrets, they used Mesa Dual Rectifier. Good Apollo was mostly Bogner, with some Vox AC30 apparently used for cleans, and No World For Tomorrow is Bogner and Mesa blended. Pretty sure thats about it amp wise, from what I've read in interviews.

Pedal wise, they keep it pretty simple. I know Travis used to use a Line 6 DL4, not sure if he still does. Saw a Zakk Wylde OD on Claudio's board when I saw them the first time, but haven't managed to get a look at his set up since then. Live, Claudio is still using Bogner, but I'm pretty sure Travis has switched back to a Marshall. Think he was using a Mesa when I first saw them, he switches around so much live.
All songs are played half step down live, Claudio can't reach the notes. Also, some songs are drop D, if you hadn't worked it out yet.
Live they are still using Bogners. Travis uses Marshall Cabs from what I saw about three weeks ago. Claudio uses a Vox for the clean sounds, and i think Travis sticks with the Bogner. I didn't really see anything as far as effects go other than Travis using a wah and a talk box.
I wonder why Travis keeps switching out the Bogner, then bringing it back.

Anyone know if they're going to change the setup for Neverender?