Hello Everyone. My cousin and I have started a new band called,"Under The Sky" We wanted opinions on our songs. Let me introduce myself.

I am Dane Frazier the drummer, the guitarist and lead vocalist. Caleb Knott is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist.

We have our band website which is: http://www.utsband.co.nr
Our forum is located here: http://www.utsband.co.nr/board/

The website is made by my old bud, username is Nile. His site is located at http://www.niler.net/

My website is hosted by the best free hosting website ever called Bryansoft, which is located: http://www.bryansoft.com/ and there forum is located: http://www.bryansoft.com/forum/

Back to our band.

We have a few samples on my profile. Just click click and you'll here a few full version songs.

I hope to get a Epiphone Les Paul for Christmas so it will sound much better. The recording could be much better but on our next cd it will be real good.
the music is fine... havent you made like three threads now? did you delete them or something? any ways, your recordings could use work mostly, without an alright recording its kinda hard. im confused how a new guitar will make it better. any ways yeah the music is alright just not what i usually listen to.
if you want replies you should probably comment on other peoples threads and then ask them to comment.
like this
you listen my band now yes please