can we like, start a thread of little tricks, scale usages or licks on guitar that sound relaly good,

eg i like the sound from going to a 1st to a 6th in a minor key
and flattened 5th harmonies on the 4th and 7th or a major key

generally transposed classical piano music onto clean gutiar with delay always amazing imo.
locrian mode does not always have to sound mean, i slap and pop within it on the bass to be extra funky.

sometimes i like to hold a barre chord and move it in a blues scale type pattern. its not diatonic but it can be really cool.

my general point is going to be breaking rules and doing things you shouldnt almost always sounds awesome

i like to play a lick one way, and end on a note right next to the note it should resolve to, then do it again and resolve it, this adds tension and interest to the sound if that makes any sense

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