Hey guys, my band, Celestial Chaos, just put up one of our newly recorded songs, Rock The Right Way. I'd like you guys to check it out and give me some input. (the other songs are older ones from our first recordings.

As a band we've been playing together for about 9 months. I'm the guitarist, been playing for about 1.5 years, and would like some constructive criticism. The bassist has been playing about the same time, the drummer for about 3 years, and the singer I'm not sure about (not the best, but singers are pretty limited in a town this size)


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first song is pretty sweet. nothing wrong here
2nd song, pretty sweet, i like the bass and vocals
3rd song, really pixies, i love it
4th song, jam song
5th song, nice drums, really nice drums. and guitar.

i say good, maybe its just me, but i was thinking of the toadies and the pixies all the way through, it was probably just me.

oh my band?
Awesome stuff, my band's style is kinda similar (I'm the drummer). And yeah, say hi to your drummer, he's kinda cool, I like his playing. So yeah, really good songs, you should definitely carry on. This kind of music is immortal

Oh, and I actually like the vocals!
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Also what did you record with, or did you just go to a studio?

It was a makeshift studio. We hired a recording dude around town, and recorded in my drummer's basement for the latest recording, and the recording guy's living room for the 4 other songs. He used Sonar, some firepod thing, and I have a couple of Senheiser mics (vocal and guitar) and he had some drum mics. We have many more songs on the way from these sessions, just gotta finish them up. Rock the Right Way was just the first one we laid down