Hi there

I live in Venezuela so you have to excuse my english.
I used to play guitar a long time ago and sold my Charvel guitar (which I regret till the day I die). Now 10 years later I realized that I need a guitar again in order to live. I always wanted a Flying V guitar and I was between the KVX10, the RR3 and the DXMG, but I think the KVX10 with good pickups will own the RR3.
I have a limited budget of about 800 - 850$ to buy the guitar, staps, cable, guitar case/bag and maybe a small amp like a randall cube x30 or a voxAD30VT, OR a multieffect like a digitech RP 350 - 500 or a zoom G21U - G7 (to plug into the pc and have fun). I really appriciate your help and advice in what gear is the best that I should buy.
I'm going to try to push my budget so I can get the Jackson DKMG, the one with the 81/85 EMG's, but the King V is still ruling in my dreams...
If I buy tha KVX10 I plan to change the bridge pickup, maybe with a Duncan Invader or a Duncan Distortion beacause a lot of people is complaining about the duncan designed. So I will appriciate any help in this matter in which pickups should I buy or you recommend for the neck and bridge (passive please, no i'm not going to get the active emg's)
I'm not planning to play live or with a band (maybe ocassionally small gigs with friends). I just want the guitar to play in my house and have fun. I like all kind of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Progressive Metal (Helloween, Persuader, DIO, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Heavenly, Vanishing Point, Pyramaze, Gamma Ray, etc, etc, etc).
Thanks in advance for all your time and help.
I would say the RR3 with the Vox or Roland cube, emg's work best with tube amps and won't make a huge difference with a solid state amp.

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