hi dudes, could some1 help me choosing for some pickups, i mostly play metal... i want passive pups, i play an Ibanez RG321MH thru a Digitech RP 500 and a Randall RG 75 but ill change the amp soon, i'd like to have a very versatile sound because i play stuff going from Malmsteen to Necrophagist so versatility is a must. i dont have any ''budget'' considering that i have enough money.

Any Ideas ??
Honestly, I think it would be better go get the amp first so you can decide which parts of your tone need to change. For example, if you get a bassy amp, you may not want pickups that have a lot of bass, or vice-versa. Similarly, if you get a high-gain amp, you may be better off with a pickup that isn't too hot or vice-versa. It always helps to know what it is you need to change before you change it