OK guys, so here's the deal,
I bought a Schecter Synyster Standard from guitar center last week, Tuesday to be more specific.(Clicky Clicky)
Now, i love the guitar shape, tone, feel, etc. But i am really starting to second guess the finish, and i wasn't 100% fond of the inlays and headstock in the first place. So, simple solution, i have 30 days to take it back, 100% cash back and i buy a Schecter Hellraiser Avenger instead.(Mmm guitar pron).
Of course i would get that one with the sexy black cherry finish. Simple enough eh?
Yeah, i thought so, then i realized i wasn't getting a floyd rose on the hellraiser .
I could go over to DCGL and pay an extra $200 for the hellraiser avenger with a FR, which i would do in a heartbeat, except i'm not sure that guitar center will give me cash, they may just give store credit. Also i'd rather not spend any more than 700 on this guitar....(Beast w/ floyd)

So, help me out guys, do i stick it out with the semi-unattractive guitar, or get a sexy beast with no floyd?
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This is close and has a floyd...


i hate schecters by the way... just tryin to help you out...

I appreciate the help , but i think if i think for that price I'd rather just splurge on the extra $50 and get the avenger FR.

I Really like the avenger body style, it's comfortable to me and the fret access is awesome.
i've always thought the synster shape was butt ugly but i would just say if u dont like return get somin else
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Mk, thanks guys. I think I'll just take it back tomorrow and then sit on it for a few days, decide what I want.